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When solving complex engineering problems, oftentimes the bottleneck is specific piece of knowledge or equipment that is difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive.  It has been our experience that a ten-minute phone call with the right person can save thousands of dollars, or one day of access to a well-outfitted lab can unlock weeks of productivity.  The problem is, discovering who that right person is or what the right piece of software is to purchase is a long, painful, expensive process that you can’t afford to go through when you’re under the gun.


While Radenso offers traditional engineering services consulting where we engage design resources on a larger project, there are so many times where that just isn’t necessary and you simply need someone to point you in the right direction.  This is where our “Microconsulting” service can be a lifesaver - quick, affordable advice and answers to questions with no contracts or salespeople necessary.  We have gained experience and equipment resources the hard way, investing thousands of hours and millions of dollar to learn these lessons.  Take advantage of our experience and let us help you solve problems quickly and efficiently, without a large investment of time or money.

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