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We deliver digital signal processing solutions that are tightly integrated with our in-house FPGA design services. By custom-tailoring our algorithms and FPGA design to be a perfect fit, we attain performance that is beyond what is normally possible from less integrated designs. When dealing with complex systems, we work hand in hand with our team to design high-performance, custom, heterogenous processing systems to deliver unmatched performance.


Our architectural solutions are designed to be re-usable and scalable across a variety of platforms both current and future.


Distributed Signal Analysis
  • Hetereogenous (FPGA / Embedded / CPU) Processing Systems

  • Sensor Fusion and Stream Correlation

Algorithm Design,
Simulation & Verification
  • Channelized Analysis and Detection

  • Real-Time Reconfiguration

  • System-Level Modeling and Simulation

Event-Driven Processing
  • Adaptive Detection, Filtering, and Stream Tagging

GnuRadio and Software
Defined Radio
  • Complex flowchart design

  • RFNoC compliant DSP blocks

  • SDR prototyping

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