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Simulation Services

Files in, S-parameters out.  No BS.


As an engineer, you just want to build things without dealing with admin overhead, biz dev guys trying to upsell you, and fighting with billion dollar corporations that move slower than molasses.  Our biggest internal pain point with product development has been waiting on other people bottlenecking our engineering process, so we asked, “What would it look like if things were different?  What if you knew the pricing up front to solve a problem, didn’t have to interface with salesmen to get a simulation done, and there were people on the other end of the phone that genuinely had your best interests at heart?”
That would have meant the world to us when we were in a tough spot, so we decided to create it for you.  Whether it’s a full 3D EM sim of a mixed signal PCB in an enclosure or a quick sanity check of a single differential pair, you get access to our simulation experts, powerful hardware, and an infrastructure we’ve built just to help you solve your problems – and you get it with no mandatory contracts, minimum spend, or admin overhead. 


Files in, S-parameters out. 


  • High speed signal integrity analysis and simulation

  • Signal integrity driven layer stacks 

  • DDR timing and signal integrity simulation

  • Reflection and crosstalk optimization

  • Full S–parameter generation for complete systems

  • SerDES simulation

  • PCIe Analysis

  • USB 3.x

  • Ethernet


Radenso Engineering has invested in the complete lineup of Cadence EDA and simulation tools.  We primarily rely on AWR, Allegro PCB SI, Sigrity, and Clarity and their respective add-on solvers and high performance compute packages.  


If requested, we also have experience with HFSS and CST Microwave Office.

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