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Our proficiency and desire to constantly improve is driven by a genuine passion for what we do. Using the flexibility inherent in FPGAs to solve extremely difficult problems is not just our job; it’s what inspires us.


We develop novel IP that is AXI4/AXI4S compliant. The upshot? Scalability, deployability, and reduced cost.


Hard and Soft-Processor SoC Design
  • Embedded Linux, RTOS, and Bare metal

  • Zynq 7000 and Ultrascale MPSoC+

  • Microblaze soft application processors

AXI4/AXI4S Compliant Custom IP
  • Command and data network streaming

  • Embedded Driver / API / Application Development

  • Acceleration Engine Design

Algorithm Optimization & Verification
  • Floating-point to fixed-point algorithm transition

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