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There are no shortcuts in RF. Every system is the sum of its parts; exquisite attention to detail and superior focus are what make high-performance RF systems come to life

Most "RF engineering companies" specialize in writing SBIR proposals, not real-world engineering. With our real world focus and extensive practical experience, we'll solve your problem in "Phase 1" with less paperwork.  High-frequency RF design, prototyping, test, and manufacturing are our specialty. 


Designing RF systems is one thing; repeatably manufacturing them is another. We developed stringent policies and processes with our global partners to ensure absolute repeatability across every step of the manufacturing process. 
Whether it's five or fifty thousand PCBs, they will all measure the same.


We tested over 30 different specialty RF PCB fabricators to find the best of the best. Having developed special processes and relationships to ensure accuracy, speed, and quality, we can deliver exceptional high-frequency circuit boards including exotic substrates, hybrid stackups, and difficult surface finishes.


Let us do the hard part.  With a focus on easy integration and clean technical handoff, we can deliver a "black box" downconverter that can abstract the RF portion of your design to an easy-to-use, highly-documented interface.  

Removing the RF design and manufacturing process from your workflow reduces risk and saves you money.

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Microwave / mmWave Receiver Design
  • System architecture planning

  • Systems-level analysis of signal integrity and power distribution networks

  • Intellectual property documentation and management

  • Project level BOM management and cost optimization

  • Radiated Emissions Testing

RF PCB / Antenna  Design
  • Mixed-signal RF/IF/Baseband PCB design, verification, and QA

  • High gain DC to 44Ghz antenna design


Complete turnkey SDR design from DC — 44GHZ including RF, signal processing, PCB, and mechanical design.

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